English Learning Phone

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The "English Learning Phone" is a great toy designed to help children learn and exercise cognitive skills. It has a quiz mode that allows children to answer questions, enhancing their learning experience. The toy also has an ON/OFF button for easy activation and deactivation, and a mode switch to enable children to switch between different learning modes. 

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  • Quiz Mode: Allows the child to learn and exercise cognitive skills by answering questions.
  • ON/OFF Button: An easy way to turn the toy on or off.
  • Learning mode switch: Enables the child to switch between different learning modes.
  • Touch Keypad: The toy has a 0-9 ten Arabic numerals touch key that is sensitive to touch and has different effects in different modes.
  • Auditory sensory: The child can enhance their auditory skills by listening to sounds and words played by the toy.
  • Hands-on ability: The toy allows the child to interact with it physically, promoting their motor skills.
  • Visual ability: The toy features visual cues that can help the child learn and recognize different shapes, colors, and letters.


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Manufacturer Childy
Color Black
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English Learning Phone